Program Expectations

  • Be present
    • Ambassadors are expected to attend all CHA sessions. You must provide email notification, in advance, for any excused absence. Students are allowed ONE excused absence. Further absences may result in withdrawal from the program.
    • Be mentally present when at a session or working in your group,. This means, be engaged and contribute! No cell phones please!
  • Timely communication
    • Read and respond to all CHA emails within 24 hours, and sooner if indicated. This includes emails/texts from your group or fellow Ambassadors. You must check your email daily.
    • Communicate any absences, emergencies, changes or other important information to the correct party ASAP.
  • Be a team player
    • Always give 100% to your group and the program. The purpose of CHA is for us to grow professionally & personally as well as learn how to provide purposeful service to our communities.
    • Take pride in your work.
    • Do your part. Your group and fellow Ambassadors are counting on you! If for some reason you are unable to fulfill your responsibilities, let someone know immediately.
    • When your fellow Ambassador needs your assistance, please lend them a hand.
  • Safe Space
    • Always maintain our principles of a safe space.
    • Let someone know if you feel our safe space has been violated.
    • Lets appreciate our physical space by keeping it neat & clean.
    • Have fun at all times!!!
    • If you are ever not enjoying yourself, let’s figure out how to improve this.

Thank You!