2016 Team Projects

Team 1

Limi Ahmed
Dana Abdelgadir

Community Site:
Physicians Medical Forum
2201 Broadway, Suite 212
Oakland, CA 94612

Site Liaison:
Stalfana Bello, M.P.A., Executive Director
Kathryn E. Malone, M.D., PMF Board Member

Team Project:
“Interviews: Why Patient think African American Physicians are Needed”

Team 2

Nasyatana Comer
Anne Evelyn Santos
Alana Eaton

Community Site:
CREATORS After School Program
Grass Valley Elementary School
4720 Dunkirk Avenue
Oakland, CA 94605

Site Liaison:
Justin Brydie, Assistant Program Director

Team Project:
“Healthy Hygiene for Kids”

Team 3

Jenny Deny
Judith Okoro
Ayana Brown

Community Site:
American Heart Association

Site Liaison:
Alden McDonald, M.D., Board President
AHA – Greater Bay Area

Team Project:
“What is a Stroke”

Team 4

Joshua Ruvalcaba
Armani Thompson

Community Site:
Sinkler Miller Medical Association
P.O. Box 16
Oakland, CA 94610

Site Liaison:
Joy Foster, M.D., President
Michelle Edmond, Executive Director

Team Project:
“The Important Roles of African American Physicians”

Team 5

Lauren Bellow
David Ayers
Jordynn Edison

Community Site:
East Oakland Youth Development Center
8200 International Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94621

Site Liaison:
Selena Wilson, V.P., Organizational Effectiveness

Team Project:
“The Silent Killer”